By Allison Gibson

Think people do not call anymore? Not true. In the digital fast-paced world we live in, phone calls still are a viable source of leads and sales. Making a phone call after finding info online is a natural next step.

When it comes to mobile ads, most businesses have the goal to drive possible sales and leads. Making it EASY for consumers to locate you or call you, can put you over the top of most businesses in the digital space. Including a click-to-call function is a simple way for companies to create a one-on-one relationship with consumers and make it easy for consumers to find them. In fact, it is projected that Mobile ads will drive over 162 billion phone calls by 2019. This statistic proves that mobile ads and click-to-call features are driving more calls to businesses than ever before (Source: BIA/Kelsey).

Callers convert 30% faster than web leads. People often call because they need to immediate assistance—they don’t have time to fill out a web form and wait around for a response (Source: Forrester).

So where do you start?

Mobile Conquesting is a great way to generate calls. Expandable ads can include a Click to Call feature as well as other actionable items like Click to Map, Click to Make an Appointment and more.



Facebook and Instagram ads are also a great option for driving calls. With News Feed ads you can use a Call Now button that is prominently displayed on ads to drive calls.

In addition to mobile ads, it is important to make sure your business website has a contact phone number near the top of page on every web page and even better a click to call number that is responsive for mobile. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a website only to find the phone number is buried in the footer of a web page or several clicks away. Here is a how to add click to calls your website.

We all live busy lives and there is no sign of things slowing down. Don’t forget the simple mechanics of any marketing or business plan; Make it easy for consumers to reach you!